CD - Kaleidoscope $14.95

"This CD encompasses several genres, with inventive all original tunes and nice arrangements played with great elan and flair. Very unique and clever interplay with the two guitars — and also with the bass and drums. Lively solos all around. They have their own sound. It is highly recognizable as the (2) Joes"
Dennis Budimir (Jazz/studio guitarist) Los Angeles, California
 1. Kaleidoscope   MP3 sample
 2. Outside Looking In   MP3 sample
 3. Sicilian Sunset   MP3 sample
 4. Three Thousand Miles to Paradise   MP3 sample
 5. Positivity   MP3 sample
 6. Crystal Sea   MP3 sample
 7. Endless Road   MP3 sample
 8. No Need For the Blues   MP3 sample
 9. That Certain Feeling   MP3 sample
10. Perfect Day   MP3 sample
11. City Lights   MP3 sample
12. Journey Back in Time   MP3 sample


  Kaleidoscope Sheet Music Book - Transcription for 2 Guitars $19.95
 1. Kaleidoscope   View sample page
 2. Outside Looking In   
 3. Sicilian Sunset   
 4. Three Thousand Miles to Paradise   
 5. Positivity   
 6. Crystal Sea   
 7. Endless Road   
 8. No Need For the Blues   
 9. That Certain Feeling   
10. Perfect Day   
11. City Lights   
12. Journey Back in Time